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You deserve to breathe healthy, contaminant-free air. Let our certified technicians at Minnesota Mold Guys At IAQ Environmental Services equip your home with the technology you need to improve and maintain your indoor air quality. Located in Blue Earth, MN, we serve residential and commercial properties with the attention and care they deserve. 

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Did you know on average an infant takes 57,600 breaths per day? An adult, on average, takes 28,800 breaths per day.

Do you see why air quality is so important?

 The MCI22K is the most advanced technology on the market, when it comes to providing indoor air quality. It also sanitizes surfaces to dramatically improve the air that you're breathing in, throughout your home or office!


Our homes and workplaces are constantly bombarded with undetected pollutants such as allergens, microbials, pathogens, dust mites, mold, odors, and VOC's to list a few. Designed to maintain the well being of your home or commercial property our ProActive Air Purification technologies are State of the Art, and not only address and destroy these pollutants and VOC's but they are also killing germs and microbials on surfaces as well.

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Testing

Volatile Organic Compounds, otherwise known as VOC's, are an increasing problem in our air quality issues today. Increased composite building materials used in the construction of our homes and many of the furnishings we select will off-gas formaldehyde and other VOC's for years. Paints can off-gas for up to 7 years. The flooring choices we make, the personal care products and the cleaning agents we use all generate VOC's that can add up quickly to irritate our health and immune systems. Those with known immune system deficiencies are often affected by VOC's and mold and don't even realize it.

Call us today and let us customize a testing plan for your situation!

Sources of Indoor Pollutants

Ensuring Your Home or Office is Safe

Mold Remediation

At Minnesota Mold Guys, we are dedicated to keeping your home's environment clean and safe even after we have identified the problems and the solutions have been implemented. Let us develop a plan that works for you to keep your home/business a healthier place to breath today and tomorrow. 

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