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Here at Minnesota Mold Guys we believe people should have clean air to breath. We have some of the highest Mold Certifications and training knowledge in the industry. With construction, landscaping, and industrial mechanical experience, we know what is needed to have a healthier environment in residential or commercial settings. We sell and service ProActive Air Purification Technology that kills germs, fungus, microbials in the air and on surfaces. We look at 35 aspects of your environment. We travel 70 miles, or more upon request.

What Are YOU Breathing?

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Our company has covered Southern MN and Northern IA for many years now. We focus on a 1 to 1 ½ hour radius from Blue Earth, MN – drive time. We are located right on I-90 and Hwy 169, so we can get to your location quickly. We do travel further, upon request.
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Our company comes ready to give expert assessments with experience in construction practices, HVAC, and Air Duct systems, Industrial Mechanical Maintenance, Landscaping, and have been accused of having a lot of Practical Common Sense!
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Our well-rounded Certifications include: Mold Assessments, Mold Remediation, Mold Inspections, and a newly offered Certification in Advanced IAQ Assessment for the experienced, serious professional.  We specialize in IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Services! Mold is our ONLY business!



The ONLY PEOPLE who need our services are those who BREATH!

The quality of life that you hope to have tomorrow begins with the air that you breath today!

Our homes have been built so tight these days that the air we breath has become a toxic soup of chemicals and VOC’s given off by our decor choices, construction materials, and our personal preferences of various products that we think are safe to use. Our inspections reveal – “A Little of This and a Little of That” has pushed many breathing environments well beyond the safe zone. Have you noticed continual cold symptoms or breathing issues in a family member or employee? Have you been ignoring the musty odor in that room in the basement?

Our family business has prospered because we take special interest in our clients. We spend from 3-5 hours or more, in your home or business to find out what is there that should not be! Twenty to thirty-five aspects of each environment are considered in our assessment processes along with our laboratory sample findings, observations, and other experience in environments just like yours. We not only give you a Written Assessment report, but also a Step-by-Step Corrective Actions report. The Corrective Action report tells you what should be done to most effectively correct and maintain your specific site. 

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