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Toxic Mold and Indoor Air Quality Testing
We Service Commercial and Residential

For over 15 years we have been learning about the dangers and effects of mold inside our environments. Constant illnesses, cold symptoms, allergies, fatigue, frequent headaches, concentration impairment - the list goes on and on of mold exposure symptoms. Our business has taken what we have learned and channeled it back into our company in order to give you a competent well-rounded consultation or assessment of what you are up against in your home or your work environment. 

Investing in your environment Today, helps assure better health Tomorrow!

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Commercial or Residential

• Black Mold Assessments  
• Full Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessments
• Mold Inspection/Consulting Services    
• Formaldehyde & VOC Testing
• ProActive Air Purification with Multi-Cluster Ionization Sale/Services 
• Toxic Materials / Mold Testing 
• Home Buyers (Peace of Mind), Walk Through  
• Select Remediation Projects

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Our full inspection assessment services are very thorough as we know the only way to a healthy, safe environment to breath in, is to look at all potential Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) threats. 

Anyone who has had a water event of some kind should have their home or business tested as most building materials and contents are suitable for mold to feast on. Mold only needs moisture and a food source along with a suitable temperature. Mold, or more properly spelled (Mould), only takes 24-48 hours to start growing. A musty odor is an indicator of living mold and all molds are toxic when proliferating indoors.

Our company not only provides you with a mold assessment report and the certified laboratory reports of the mold samples taken, but also we provide you with a Step-by-Step Corrective Measures report as well, at no additional cost. This report gives you a plan of action to most effectively correct the issues that we discovered are causing your mold or IAQ problems.

We can also provide affordable, safe, and state of the art ProActive Air Purification equipment that not only kills fungi, germs, bacteria, viruses, and many super bugs, but it also kills germs on surfaces

Our biocides are also 100% biodegradable green proven products that do not add toxic fumes into the environment while they destroy mold and deodorize the surfaces. 

We are serious about your IAQ concerns and we expect to remain friends long after we complete your project!

Prevent Mold From Returning

Mold Remediation

Our Full Mold Assessment reports include a Step by Step Corrective Measures Report that will let you know what we found at the time of our inspection that needs to be rectified in order to get rid of the mold or IAQ problems. This will give you the most effective way to prevent these issues from coming back. This Step by Step "To Do List" puts into your hand the keys to keeping your place of Business or Residence a safer, healthier place to breathe.

Get the Most Value from Your Home is Top Priority!

Are you planning for the future value of your home?

Simple precautions taken today make for a huge difference in the value of your home down the road. Investing a few dollars now will assure a higher quality investment for the next person making it a wiser purchase.

Our company can provide you with a Certificate of Sanitization for the satisfaction of an interested buyer leery of inheriting old mold problems when purchasing your house. This is a 3rd Party Certificate from who has verified our procedures and practices to test and remediate, if mold was present, and then to retest and verify your home is clear of mold concerns. This is a great selling tool!

Buying a home? Again - investing a few dollars might be the difference of loving your new place or kicking yourself rushing into a purchase. We can usually tell in a few minutes if the home is a high risk or not. If hard proof is needed, we will take samples, rush them through the lab, and get back to you quickly with the results.