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Tips From The Experts

When is the best time to invest in your Future health? Next Year? Today? Tomorrow will be here before you know it - are you preparing for it?

Bleach Does Not Kill Mold on porous surfaces, Period! It neutralizes too rapidly to kill the hyphae or roots. We recommend our 100% Biodegradable safe products to deal with mold and bacteria.

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Your Basement may smell better in the winter for a while but look out come the rainy and humid seasons.

The Cleaner you keep your house the less chance of irritants and excess dust, debris and mold will be lying around to hinder IAQ!  

Furnace filters make a big difference! 

I recommend a (MERV RATING of 11), for most homes. You need to choose the right one for your application and check and change it (when it is dirty), not in 3 months or a year as the manufacturer may suggest.

It is not the moldy smell that makes people sick, it is the mycotoxins that can be absorbed through the skin. 

Not All (Black) looking mold- IS ("The Black Mold")! But it still should not be there as any mold inside is toxic or unhealthy to breath. The higher the CFU counts the more symptoms people usually have. 

Asthma and Allergies have risen 160% in the last 15 Years.

Is your Home or Office air quality a factor in this statistic?

If you have mold growing in windows on opposite sides of the home you may have a contaminated HVAC and or Air Duct system. 

Clutter and excess belongings stored in the closets and basement reduces natural air flow which traps higher humidity and may allow mold growth.

A sink drain trap or water seep from a supply line is a common moisture source that promotes mold growth in those locations. Do not overload the compartment under the sinks in your home. These areas are already prone for moisture- you trap the moisture with clutter. 

Do not paint over mold, it will grow right through the paint if it still has a moisture source. I have not seen a mold killing paint yet, that prevents mold from growing in damp or moist locations.

Mold is in everybody's house as it settles out of the air and collects in dust. Too high of humidity can trigger its growth during warm weather.

A harmless seep from excess rain in your basement can raise the moisture content in a porous substrate or building material and cause mold to start growing. 

When moving into a different or new home, make sure you are not transporting mold from the old place to the new place. Use new or sanitized storage totes and get rid of old cardboard boxes. 

I find less mold in older homes than I do in new homes because of their construction design differences.

Quick Tips

  • Old furniture should be sanitized if it has spent time in a damp basement. 
  • A free piece of furniture may be a bad choice to add to your possessions. 
  • If a basement has a (musty) smell, it has mold there! 
  • Musty is another word for mold. 
  • Mold was originally spelled (mould).
  • Landscaping is a key factor in moisture issues in basements. 
  • Even the latest popular designs can be a big problem if certain guidelines are not followed.
  • Consider the location of a new or different home before you purchase.

The ("lay of the land") is a crucial factor to consider for excess rain water drainage. A wet Basement can be the result! Even if mold blows into you home through a window it will not start growing until it gets enough humidity or moisture! Call the Pros at The Minnesota Mold Guys, we can help when considering a different home or needing counsel. A (Cheaper) Mold Inspection may prove to be a Very Expensive one! Compare Credentials, Experience, and Ratings as well as what you are going to get for the $ spent!! Your Mold Inspection is not just another job to us here at The Minnesota Mold Guys at IAQ Envir. Srvcs. LLC.

What you are breathing today may be a big factor on HOW you are breathing in the future! We care about you and your family members or fellow workers.

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